Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where to Find Coupons!

Once you start looking, you will be amazed at how many coupons are readily available. Here are some of the places you will find coupons:

At the grocery store:

  • On a display

  • By the pharmacy (check the front desk and surrounding displays for pamphlets, booklets, and tearpads)

  • At the Customer Service Desk (Check for tearpads, booklets, and pamphlets)
  • The Catalina Machine (This machine prints out great coupons including FREE item coupons, store cash, and high value coupons)

At the drugstore:

At gas stations convenience stores (711 and AM PM, for example:

  • Check for tearpads and displays

At your doctor or dentist's office:

  • Check for coupons on display or ask your doctor/dentist specifically. For example, my dentist gave me this pamphlet and has given me samples containing coupons.

Inside or on packages:

  • Check the packaging! I've found coupons in razor packaging, cereal boxes, oatmeal boxes, toothpaste packages, cleaning wipe containers, starter kits, granola bars, diaper and wipe packages, and many more. Sometimes the presence of coupons is announced on the package. Other times, coupons are a welcome surprise.

In the mail:

  • You may already be getting them, but there are other great coupons to request. I'll highlight ways to get high value coupons and free items in the mail in a future post.
On the internet:

  • You can request coupons to be sent to your home, such as the Organize in Style booklet pictured above.
  • Print them! The most common and largest coupon site is, there are many more mentioned in this post.

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