Friday, June 24, 2011

You Can Do It!

Have you ever looked at your budget and wondered how you could squeeze out another dollar to pay a bill, save for the future, or give to those in need? Perhaps your family has seen the price of food, gas, and housing rise while income stagnates of even decreases. Cancer brought about huge changes in our lives. In addition to the heartache of fighting this difficult disease, we had to face the reality of increased expenses and decreased income. Prioritizing our time and energy meant that I quit tutoring and Jon was unable to continue window cleaning as a side job. Thankfully we had insurance, but we suddenly had increased medical, travel, and grocery expenses. With our financial situation looking bleak, I remembered my sister's encouragement to try couponing. From the moment I matched my first coupon to a sale, I knew the blessing of her advice would bring hope to our stretched budget.

My goal is to teach you how to:
Save big on your grocery bill (our grocery bill has been cut in half, even as our family has grown)
Find, organize, and use coupons
Get paid to shop!

With the tips and strategies I share, I'm confident that you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year!

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